LOGOS Community Bible Institute

Offering this New Academic Year 2021

The New Modality of Your Live Online Classes for the United States and Latin America

What is the IBCL?

It is a program of Systematic Biblical Studies supported by Logos Christian University

Who Can Study?

Every Christian who seeks to grow in the Knowledge of the Word of God and wishes to put that knowledge in the hands of God to serve with excellence.

how does it work?

4 periods per year

  • Each period: 2 Subjects
  • Each subject: 8 live meetings, once a week for 1.2 hours, a total of 10 hours. lessons

Each subject has its own trained teacher, who is in charge of evaluating and grading the student.

The student will earn 1.5 credits per subject. A total of 24 subjects and 36 credits transferable to a LOGOS University program.

The platform for the live classes will be ZOOM. The student only needs access to the internet from a computer, tablet or mobile phone.



– Introduction A. Will

– Introduction to Theology

– Panorama N. Testament

– Bibliology

– Synoptic Gospels

– Major Prophets

– Minor Prophets

– Typology / The Tabernacle


– Hermeneutics

– Christology

– Personal Evangelism

– Discipleship

– Character of the Christian

– Eschatology I

– Church History

– Homiletics


– Ministerial Ethics

– Pastoral Counseling

– Missiology

– Pneumatology

– Comparative Religions

– Eschatology II

– Pastoral Epistles

– Apologetics

What are the general considerations for Admission?

  • Students must surrender to the absolute Lordship of Christ, giving evidence of that through a continued relationship with Him, and with a desire to achieve greater maturity in Christ, in absolute obedience to His will.


  • Students should be actively involved in their local Church.


  • You do not need Higher Education, but you do need a basic level.


  • The Institute reserves the right of admission, which is subject to approval, so a prior interview is required.

What are the essential requirements for Admission?

  • Complete Admission Application.


  • Previous interview

  • Payment of $ 60.00 annual registration cost.

Start of classes
March 2, 7:00 p.m.