Who are we?

We are an Educational Institution in the area of Theological Studies that offers the Christian Community both in the United States and in Latin America an alternative to meet their goals of studying the Word of God in a systematic way, we offer face-to-face online classes with trained teachers, who are available to help and make sure students are successful in their studies.
We are also affiliated with and endorsed by Logos Christian University, Jacksonville Florida, which allows students to earn student credits to continue their studies at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral level in the different areas that the University offers.

Our history

INCL arises in response to the need of the local Church in the Frederick MD area, and its surroundings (Hagerstown, VA and DC) regarding the formation of Leaders and Disciples of Jesus, ready to serve with excellence the Kingdom of God, who has formal studies at an Accredited Biblical Institute. Thus, in 2014, Pr. Tony Rivera (Pr. Iglesia de Dios Comunitaria Internacional in Frederick, MD) began the affiliation procedures to The Christian University of LOGOS, to realize this new challenge!

Thanks to the support of Pr. Jerry Price who was Senior Pastor International Community Church and with the valuable collaboration of professionals who make up the Board of Directors: President Pr. Tony Rivera, Director Pra. Virna Rivera and Coordinator Hna. Ivania Amador, finally in January 2015 the doors of The LOGOS Community Institute open for the first time for the Glory of God!
To date, in the 6 years that God has helped and sustained us, we have graduated four generations of Students. Due to the new challenges due to the Pandemic, we did not paralyze, on the contrary, we strengthened and with God’s help we adapted the teaching so that students could continue with their studies from their homes, which has led us in this New Year 2021 to open the doors of the online Bible Institute and extend the coverage to Our beloved brothers from Latin American Countries, which fills us with great joy and satisfaction, recognizing that only God has made it possible, to Him be the Glory Forever!
So we invite you to be part of this group of privileged students for having the opportunity to move forward in their academic goals despite the challenges; and not give up until you reach the Crown of Jesus Christ.

God bless you, we love you in the precious love of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
We hope to meet you. To Him be the Glory, Amen.